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Topsham’s Candle, Diffuser and Wax Melt Shop

Kilimanjaro Candles & More supply handmade candles, oil diffusers, wax melts and more to residents of Topsham, Devon via our local candle shop and throughout the UK thanks to our online retail service

Welcome to Kilimanjaro Candles & More – your friendly candle, diffusers, hand soaps and wax melts shop based in Exmouth. All of our products are created in small batches and finished to the highest standards of quality right here on site, just a short distance from Topsham.

Take in the scents, aromas and visual treats of Kilimanjaro Candles & More today by visiting our shop and studio to browse all of our products, including soaps and lotions, and essential oil diffusers, while also receiving advice from owner and creator, Grace Storry.

At the core of our candles are quality products without the nasty chemicals. All our candles are made from eco-system rapeseed oil and a coconut oil natural wax blend. The wax is completely free from paraffin, soy, palm, beeswax and synthetic additives.

As well as our vast range of seasonal candles and products to get your home ready for Christmas, or reflect annual events, we also offer a range of birthday candles, anniversary candles and candles for special occasions to make the perfect gift for a friend or loved one.

Many of our products are refillable and avoid single-use plastics, and as our candle jars are made from glass, we highly recommend repurposing them for other uses. Just ask us for ideas!

What’s more, every purchase made both in store and online will send £1 towards helping young girls buy sanitary products in Africa – specifically the village I where I was raised in Kenya. Find out more about this initiative here.

See our eco-conscious approach to creating handmade, sustainable products for yourself at our shop and studio near Topsham or feel free to browse our full range of home products on our web store today!

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Kilimanjaro Candles & More
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Tues – Fri: 9.30am to 2.30pm
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Handmade candles, oil diffusers, wax melts and more

All of our products are created in small batches and finished to the highest standards of quality


Choose from over 35 different candle scents and styles, all carefully curated to fill your home with gorgeous aromas and flickering lights to help you feel warm, cosy and comfortable or refresh your surroundings.

All of our candles are handmade in our Exmouth studio and shop, created eco-consciously with no added chemicals or nasty surprises. We list all of our candle ingredients clearly so you know what exactly is inside, as well as all of the top notes, heart notes and base notes of each candle to help accurately describe the experience each candle will bring to your home.

Most of our candles are available in 9CL, 30CL, and 50CL to suit all budgets and home locations.

Try our essential oil candles for an aromatherapy experience using specially concentrated substances that come from plants and resins that are proven to relieve stress and offer aroma-therapeutic properties.
What’s more, our refillable candle sets allow you to reuse your candle jar up to three times before recycling.

Visit our Exmouth shop today to see our full range, get advice on our candle fragrances and find out more about our refill kits.

Soaps & Lotions

From the mesmerising floral marine scents of our rock salt and driftwood hand soap to the juicy notes and musky base of our black pomegranate lotion, at Kilimanjaro Candles & More we offer a wide range of hand and body lotions and soaps to suit your taste.

Our range of indulgent soaps and lotions both in-store and online are vegan friendly and cruelty-free, and come in luxury, refillable glass bottles in your choice of either matte black, grey or matte amber with stainless steel pump so that you can choose the option that best suits your decor.

Visit our shop in Exmouth today to see the full range.

Oil Diffusers

Our range of fragrance oil reed diffusers create an inviting ambience for your home. They require no energy source at all yet disperse beautiful fragrances as the reed sits in your choice of fragrance oils. Oil reed diffusers can be used all over the home and, due to the nature of the reeds pointing at different angles, the fragrance does a great job in dispersing all around the room.

For the ultimate in stress relief, try our essential oil reed diffusers which provide aroma-therapeutic qualities using natural materials.

All our reed diffusers last approximately 10-12 weeks and use 99.5% glycerine that is obtained only from non-GMO plant oils.

Visit our Exmouth shop today to see our full range of diffusers.

Wax Melts

Wax melts offer all the delightful smells that come from our candles but with even more control. Manage the strength of your fragrances by adding more or less wax to your warmer.

Our wickless wax melts are increasingly popular due to being highly decorative and flame-free – meaning no risk of accidental fire. Beautiful scents are created in as little as five minutes from when the warmer is started, making for a safe and convenient way to fill your home with wonderful fragrances, especially if you’re worried about children and pets.

What’s more, wax melts are great for the environment as no wick or glass jar is required, so you’re massively reducing your impact on recycling centres and landfill.

Our wax melts come as eight individual melts, each weighing approximately 11g and lasting around eight to ten hours.

All our wax melts are made using a rapeseed oil and coconut oil blend which is vegan friendly and cruelty-free, additive-free, palm-free, soy-free, and both kosher and halal.

Visit our Exmouth shop to see the full range of wax melts and warmers.

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