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Wood Wick Care

  1. The first time you light your candle make sure you burn it until the melted wax reaches the edges of the glass to avoid “tunneling.”
  2. ALWAYS light your wooden wick from the base of the wick not the top, please ensure that the wick length is fully alight.
  3. Please NOTE wood wick flame height may vary from time to time. Sometimes the wick may appear like it is self-extinguishing, do not worry, that is totally normal as the wick is still heating the wax.
  4. DO NOT TRIM YOUR wick very often unless the flame is wild or the flame height is taller than 2.5cm of started to smoke. In this case, put out your candle, let it cool down and let the wax solidify.
  5. To trim, you can use Candle trimming scissors, nail clippers or by simply breaking off the blackened edges with a kitchen roll or an old cloth. PLEASE MAKE SURE THE CANDLE IS COOL AND WAX HAS SOLIDIFIED before trimming.
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